DayZ digital processing on concrete/ wood/_2015

The artwork – made of three blocks of cement, wood and plaster – portrays a series of avatars taken from the mod to the videogame arma2, named dayZ. dayz is an unusual videogame. it was made by a former soldier and is an mmo (massively multiplayer online game) with the primary ob- jective of staying alive. in the game we have just one simulated life, just as in real life. this arena is currently populated by over 3 million people con- nected on-line, and this creates a huge range of social dynamics. the frenetic and chaotic release of the most repressed and restrained human impulses finds their perfect context here, without judgement or reason.
observing this strange “window on another world”, the simulation of a collective, desperate attempt to survive in the face of death, one has the impres- sion of recognising significant innate aspects of humanity, which are normally restrained.
the project dayz effectively demonstrates some- thing many people are unaware of, a world many people have never seen.
that was the beginning of this process of immer- sion / observation / selection of thousands of contents from the game, or from the innumera- ble blogs by users keen to talk about their digital existence.
this was where the idea developed of using super- imposition and incision to impress into the materi- al the memory of bodies which are the expression of the uncontrolled element: the avatar, our faithful alter-ego, before they disappear forever.
the project dayz is a testament to their existence. it archives the players, their virtual bodies and all their foolhardy actions.
the technical construction uses a process of transposition from the digital to the material thanks to the use of proper and improper subsets on a cnc machine for digital production. (WeMake_Milano)