Instead of wondering what the future will be, Marco Mendeni asks what the future is for, and who needs it. Algorithms and cybernetics, machines and apparatuses, video games and simulations are the raw material that he translates into new codes. The outcome is a uniquely computational way of seeing the world. And yet, in his wildly eclectic body of work, one can glimpse a peculiar nostalgia (disenchantment?) for the future, a sense of longing for a utopia that never materialized. In an age of widespread skepticism for Silicon Valley’s betrayed promises of emancipation and empowerment, Mendeni invites us to reflect on the overt and implicit effects of technology.
Matteo Bittanti





picz_DSC_1_153 SimCity raster, digital processing on concrete, 30x30cm, 2015


1wDayZ, digital processing on concrete, 125x120x5cm. 2015


DSC_0105_3_5Dream, digital processing on concrete, 125x120x5cm. 2017


finito5wireframe fluid, digital processing on concrete, 110x110x5cm. 2016