7 Ocean01298768_Slot Machine

Theca Gallery, 2015

Marco Mendeni works with the New Media and conceives the video as the basic instrument of research in order to experiment the contamination between substance and video hacking. The focus of his work is to analyse the transformation of the video game into a social medium. We met for the first time three years ago. At that time, he had quite a long beard and a light blue shirt. The last time we met at (45°28’45’’ N; 09°12’28’’ E) his beard was much longer and he was wearing a checked shirt: it’s his own personal style. Since the moment we met, his way of approaching the reality has influenced my way of inhabiting the world. The link among us is the idea of creating installations where the visitor is deeply involved in the transformation while participating to the show. The element of distance among us is our age, half of a generation: he was born at the end of the “mythical ‘70s”, whereas I was born in the middle of the “glorious ‘80s”.
¶ shigeru miyamoto| 1985 (distributed in Europe in 1987) | videogame | super mario bros
Super Mario Bros. is a video game created by Nintendo Entertainment System. It was designed by the creative mind of Shigery Miyamoto and distributed in Japan and in USA in 1985. Two years later, in 1987, the game arrived in Europe as well. The first time I played with Nintendo and the Mario Video Game it was at the beginning of the ‘90s, but the first time I had my own console it was 1994. That same year at Christmas I got the SuperNintendo, with the Super Mario game. Since that time on those white little clouds without volume on the blue sky background have changed my visual impact to the world.
¶ the smiths | 21st July 1986 | panic, 2.20min | the queen is dead
“Panic on the street of London”, these are the first words of the song by Morrisey and Marr and carrying on with the descriptions of the social tensions occurring among Great Britain and Ireland at the end of the ‘80s. The song you immerse in while listening to it’s divided into two parts: the first one describes the socio political English instability, whereas the second one shows the visual and sonic chaos of that decade, when electronic and disco music prevail over the analogical music played by the bands. Pop culture is at its best, Morse and Marconi are already prehistoric, and the FAX connects Piazza Affari with Wall Street. Life seems to have been voided by the civil commitment undertaken during the previous decade: the most important thing is the appearance, not the authentic presence. However, there are still bands asking to their audience to react with the phrase “burn down the disco and hang the DJ”. Times are changing deeply together with the visual culture of a generation transforming the image of the projection towards the world.
¶ marco mendeni | 2013 | machinima AVI, 32.24min | r lightTweakSunlight
“r lightTweakSunlight” (machinima AVI, 32.24 minutes, 2013) is the video artwork that influences the redaction of this essay. In this artwork you can notice the visual, sonic and literary culture that composes my first 29 years on earth. You can choose to see “r lightTweakSunlight” or to immerse in it from your sofa as well as from an iPhone. The important thing is not the medium through which the video is reproduced, you could just put the headphones on and let the flux transport you. The last time I have imagined it, I was thinking about The Who and I was reading a poem by Eugenio Montale. It is almost clear that I was not physically there, in Brighton on the pier with the MOD, but I was in my precarious mood (unstable as an egg dancing on a jet of water), but in balance.

Marco Mendeni, Video Installation set at Theca Gallery Milano, Courtesy the Gallery and the artist, 2015_HDMarco.Mendeni_7 Ocean01298768_Slot Machine, video installation, Theca.Gallery,2015