GAME VIDEO/ART. A SURVEY ( IULM Contemporary Exhibition, Milano, 2016)

An official event of the XX1T Triennale International Exhibition. 21 Century. Design After Design , GAME VIDEO/ART. A SURVEY is the largest exhibition of digital game-based videos ever staged in Italy. Transforming the spaces of IULM’s Contemporary Exhibition Hall into a series of installations that immerse visitors in a landscape of pixels and polygons, GAME VIDEO/ART. A SURVEY brings together recent (2006-2016) works by more than thirty international artists using video games as raw material. Also known as machinima, these artworks explore themes related to simulation and representation, replay and re-enactment, architecture and urbanism, sex and race, politics and ideology through the lenses of the videogame.


TITLE: r lightTweakSunlight
DATE: JUNE 30, 2016
Join us for an audio-visual tour de force by multimedia artist Marco Mendeni.
Marco Mendeni’s performance r_light_Sunlight continues the artist’s investigation into the world of simulations that began in 2005 with r lightTweakSunlight01. Specifically designed for GAME VIDEO/ART. A SURVEY, the performance investigates the gray area between abstraction and representation. By manipulating and modifying a game engine, images are created and altered in real-time and by improperly tweaking algorithms affecting the images’ appearance, a flux of sounds and visuals are generated. This performance is a meditation on the ongoing shift toward a new simulation regime, a total simulation. The duration of the performance in approximately 30 minutes.




LiveCinema/Festival ( Roma, 2014)

AV Performance
Piazza dellImmacolata | 22:00 Sunday 6 September
“r_lightTweakSunlight” is the simulation of a fictional world and a suggestive places exploratory documentation inside the machinery, a trip through its contingencies and its dark sides. A path through seemingly real worlds which fragment themselves in the vision, losing volumes, shapes. He deconstructs and disintegrates the matter, aimed to a gradual change of the environment.





I’m not playing ( ROboT Festival Bologna, 2014)

Mendeni, the scientist of the visual image. Meanza, the minister of sound. Together, they are ready to deconstruct and give a disturbing “twist” to the concept of play and amusement. “I’m Not Playing” actually looks like a game. In fact it looks like a typical situation of gaming, with the classic COD4.  But in this live audio/video performance, things begin to take an unexpected turn, where real and virtual combine and interact creating more doubts than certainties.  /Federica Patti roBOt Festival



I’m not playing
for hacked videogame and real-time sampler
I’m not playing is an audiovisual performance that talks about the relationship between the videogame medium and the culture of simulation in the digital era.
Through the years, videogames have influenced our perception of space/time and our concept of identity, and we have now reached a point where real and virtual worlds are merging their borders. In this process, the videogame as a container of ideological power cannot be underestimated. I’m not playing addresses all this through a war videogame played every day by millions of people: COD4.
During the performance, COD4 is played in real time, but the visual and sound landscapes of the game are transformed. Thanks to a hack of the graphic engine, the game shows us real and virtual battlefields at the same time, fragmented among islands of disturbing hypnotism. The audio track is also de-structured in real time, through a script that assigns new sounds to the original sound effects, which is controlled live during the performance.


robot06_445 robot06_453robot06_454


Impossible Backgrounds (Sowieso, Berlin, 2012)
Bob Meanza / Filipe Dias De / Marco Mendeni
Live audiovisual performance, recorded on 08/08/12 at Sowieso, Weiserstr. 24, Berlin.